Billiyo empowers home healthcare providers with the management and operational support they need to make lives thrive.


Track every touchpoint with your patients and caregivers. Stay compliant, eliminate the hassle and errors of paper, and keep everything in sync.


Automate your documentation workflow end-to-end from patient intake, visits to claims. Eliminate repetitive daily tasks to free your team to focus on what matters serving your patients, every day.

Automated Claims and Billing

Bill directly — insurance or private pay  or through a clearinghouse right on Billiyo. Submit, request status, void, replace or rebill claims in a click. 

Your data flows from patient intake to e-clinical documentation & time cards to claims. Never worry about manual data entry again

Integrated Scheduling and Timesheets

Streamline all your scheduling in a single platform and go paperless while reducing the headache of verifying time worked. Create customized schedules for your field staff and push schedule notifications instantly. Caregivers update their worked hours and even electronically sign their timesheet — with EVV, too. All that data flows right into your payroll software of choice.

The Power of Going Paperless

Reduce administrative costs for your agency with completely paperless operations, clinical documentation and billing. Billiyo is a single platform that allows you to securely submit electronic claims, real-time eligibility checks, remittances, and payment auto-posting.

A Flexible Platform to Match Your Needs

We built Billiyo from the ground up to serve the professionals who power Home Health care in America. If you run a post-acute care business, our platform will give you everything you need to care for your patients and your business — easily, securely, and at a price you can afford

Patient Management

Patient data is the heart of your work. Manage, organize and track every data point in every encounter with Billiyo’s streamlined, intuitive data entry workflows.


Safety First

Document incidents at the point of care and build a secure workflow to handle them. Improve HIPAA compliance and patient safety without sacrificing the quality of care.


Timecards and EVV

Opt for electronic timecards or clock in and out, with or without EVV. Your hardworking field staff can chart anywhere, anytime

Human Resources

Quickly onboard new employees and minimize paperwork. With Billiyo, perspective employees can even submit an employment application directly on your website, so you capture all information you need instantly with no double data entry.


Clinical Documentation

Free yourself  and your care team from the drudgery and errors of manual documentation. With Billiyo, employees can access and document patient care securely from wherever they’re working, using their own mobile devices.

Improvement from Anywhere

With Billiyo electronic documentation workflows, your team can answer documentation questions securely without coming to the office or texting each other.


Secure Communications

Make secure, HIPAA-compliant communications easy. In-app messaging, secure efax, text or integrated email lets you stay in touch with employees, patients, insurance companies and regulators — securely and with a clear audit trail.

Medications and Interaction

More than just medication lists. Help patients stay well with automatic medication reminders (eMAR) and more. Easily add new medications by searching Billiyo medication database with full interactions & side effects .

Tasks and Notifications

Enough with the sticky notes & text messages. Billiyo triggers tasks and notifications across multiple channels so you and your team stay on top of everything. Keep everything in one place tightly and improve compliance.

Mobile Apps for Your Mobile Team

Most EHR software is built for people who work in offices. Billiyo is built for people who work out of their cars and patients’ homes — even without constant access to the internet. With native Android and iOS apps, your team can view their scheduled tasks, update their hours worked, document care, create care plans, and sign timesheets. And with secure in-app messaging, your team is never out of touch.

I can’t imagine not having the automation around documents. I can send any document to any patient or employee and can get it back without them coming to the office.

– Jason Williams

Everything Qualified Professionals Need

Care coordination apps with Offline functionality for your skilled and licensed caregivers

Supervisory Visits

Electronically document all skilled visits


Evaluate, document and capture signatures and build workflow


Easily capture paper documents and sync them to patients’ charts


Improve documentation accuracy with built-in consistency checks

Patient Onboarding

Complete all onboarding documentation and capture patient signatures. All intake data are auto-populated to reduce errors. Keep your staff focused on care and not documentation.


View, edit and modify medication by searching the OpenFDA drug database and reduce manual data entries.


View, edit and generate any clinical documentation forms on the fly and capture the patient electronic signature with ease

What You Can Do with the Billiyo App

(No internet required. Complete paperless)


  • Timesheets with Electronic Visit Verifications (EVV)
  • Employee schedule and availability
  • Caregiver notes and documentation
  • Incident reporting and documentation
  • HIPAA compliant role-based access of client info.
  • Secure two-way communication with the office

Build Real Processes


  • Avoid claim errors with built-in rules and validations
  • Automate the data behind the claim
  • Achieve accurate reimbursement
  • Streamline patient management, clinical documentation and claim management
  • Improve patient care

Automated Billing.


With real-time eligibility checks and upfront billing analysis, Billiyo bring the business of post-acute care into the 21st century. The platform automatically checks on missing documentation and analyzes every claim before submission dramatically reducing the risk of denials.


Set eligibility to be checked daily, weekly, biweekly or before providing service to minimize claim denial


Documentation mistakes happen. Billiyo makes rework and resubmission quick, accurate and efficient


Billiyo automatically monitors your claim status, with timely notifications and alerts.


Even with the best documentation, some claims will still be denied. Build stronger payer relationships with detailed denial analysis.

Let's Work Together

Billiyo is a complete solution for Post-Acute care agencies. It’s a secure cloud-based business and EHR platform, accessible from everywhere, at an affordable price. If you’re in the business of post-acute care, Billiyo can help you provide better quality care, ensure compliance, achieve accurate billing and faster reimbursement, and serve your patients with integrity. Let’s talk.

Billiyo Health

Billiyo empowers today's post-acute care providers with the management and operational support they need to make lives thrive.

The Billiyo platform is an all-in-one Home Health Care software solution that ties together medical billing, business operations, clinical documentation, real-time communication and automation in a secure, compliant and affordable cloud based system. Developed from the ground up for post-acute care.

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