Automated Billing

Next-Gen Revenue Cycle Management 

Bill directly (insurance or private pay) or through a clearing house on the platform that allow you to seamlessly submit, request status, void, replace or rebill claims in a click

Claim Management!

Submit claims in batch or one at a time to one or multiple payers and get real-time notifications of every step of the process. Billiyo also automatically post ERAs with intelligent & predictive analytics and trend recognition that will give an edge to your business.

Every feature you've come to expect 

Mobile Intakes

Capture your patient intakes data and Items list and automatically eFax CMN to their doctors seemlessly

Batch Ordering

Electronically submit single or batch orders to Vendors effortlessly. Billiyo seemlessly integrate with all Vendors

Order Tracking

Billiyo automatically post your orders tracking (UPS & FEDex) and save them for compliance 

Warehouse Management

Manage inventory and warehouse order pick ups or drop-ship patient items to their homes with no hustle

Eligibility Checks

Set eligibility to be checked on daily, weekly, or before providing the service to minimize claim denial


Claim Monitoring

With no extra efforts, get claim status updates and other reminders about summitted claims automatically


Claim(s) Resubmission

Mistakes happens, effortlessly fix issues with denied or submitted claims and resubmit or replace.

Invoicing Patients

Go paperless and send invoices for claims, out of pocket or self-pay to patients electronically

Synchronize and Validate 

With real-time eligibility checks and upfront billing analysis, Billiyo performs checks on missing documentation and analyze your entire claims before submission for payment which reduces the denial of claims and optimize your productivity with no extra effort.

Tools to manage, organize, and transform.

with Billiyo, you get streamlined Electronic Health Records system that reduces manual data entry while increasing the efficiency of your agency. Built-in rules and validations ensure accuracy of bills before you even submit, reducing denials, and increasing your cash flow.


Build Real Processes

Why Billiyo?

  • Avoid claim errors with built-in rules and validations
  • Automate the data behind the claim
  • Accurate reimbursement
  • Stremline patient management, clinical documentation to claim management
  • Improve patient care

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Billiyo empowers Post-Acute care providers with the management and operational support they need to make lives thrive.

Billiyo all-in-one solution ties together Medical billing, charting, scheduling, time cards, clinical documentation, real-time communication and automation in all-in-one clean & secure cloud based system.

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